Manufacturer Warranty

Products sold by are manufactured by GlassCrafters Inc. and have the following manufacturer warranty:

GlassCrafters, Inc. offers a limited 3 year warranty on all medicine cabinet products. GlassCrafters warranty provides the original purchaser a guarantee that it will replace or at its own discretion repair products shown to have substantial defects in workmanship or materials. These claims must be filed with your dealer or professional installer and forwarded in writing to GlassCrafters within three years of the delivery date to the end user of the product. GlassCrafters shall not be responsible for any installation or removal costs. This warranty does not apply to the following: chemical or natural corrosion of the mirror. The use of abrasive cleaners or cleaners containing ammonia will cause chemical damage to the mirror, voiding this warranty.

The GlassCrafters warranty does not cover product that is damaged in shipping, accidents in handling during installation or if the reported defects are a result of faulty installation, abuse, misuse, abnormal wear, poor maintenance, accident or repairs by service personnel other than the original professional installer as authorized by GlassCrafters. After the three year period GlassCrafters shall not have any further obligation, expressed or implied including merchantability under the Limited Warranty.

Blum hinges and soft closing cushions have a separate lifetime warranty from Blum, Inc. This warranty is against defects in materials and workmanship as long as the orginal consumer owns the product. This is a warranty of replacement. After verification of defect, Blum, Inc. will send replacement hardware without charge.

GlassCrafters shall not have any liability for any consequential damages stemming from or in connection with the use per performance of this product. Prevailing state law on the limits of the implied warranty will apply.

The liability of GlassCrafters under any implied or expressed warranty, including merchantability, is expressly limited to the terms of this warranty. Any claim under this warranty must be made directly to the dealer of record.

Permission to return any merchandise under this warranty must be authorized in writing by GlassCrafters and must include prepaid shipping by the purchaser.